So I made a song and did not care about is it convenient to play or can I play it, I just made it. Hey, it sounds good to me, I know it's not a masterpiece nor even great but I'd like your opinions also.
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I really enjoyed that, it's incredibly inconvenient to play but it does sound good. Some of the leaps in there were a tad ridiculous but since you don't care about convenience it works haha. Pretty cool
hey, that was cool, besides it was nothing near to experimental imo.
especially the drums were great at the end and all over the song.
and the clean parts.
maybe you shouldn't repeat 25-26 so often, it's getting annoying like after 2 repititions.
pretty good, well phrased and nice rhythms with memorable melodies.
i'll crit your other song when i've got more time, don't think i've forgotten it. (;
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Ok, that's unplayable the way it's tabbed. It was pretty insane and got to say it was good. I loved myself drums too. More clean parts would have been nice. Nice melodies mate !
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