Hey all,

Ive got my '08 MIM strat and its time to get new pickups for it. Im pretty much a noob when it comes to this, never replaced pickups in any of my guitars before,so i need some recommendations. Im a blues/classic rock player with influences like jimi, clapton, srv, john mayer, etc...

Playing thru a crate all tube v50, using a boss blues driver, and a boss super overdrive (amongst others for various guitars/tones)

So two questions:
Will switching make a noticible difference and,
What's gonna give me that classic rock blues tone that everyone wants?

Also, on a semi tight budget, cant really afford to go over probably 150 or 200.

Thanks for any recommendations.
Amps play a larger role in sound, pickups will finetune it.

I like texmex specials. Your call though.
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looked around a bit and looks like the custom shop '69's might be a good bet also, anyone ever played with those?