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The Curse of Man

Why is this world for our taking
When some of it we can't reach
Not from fear, or lack of resource
But by race, by name, by title

Innocence is trialled, condemned and hung
Ravaged by a new world, a revolution of hote
As love dies from a plague, there's no hiding
Now there's a new faith, as we reach the end

Gone is the chorus, angels that once sung
The world's gone deaf, our new hope's late
Demons waiting in hell, freedom is dying
Awaiting the next night, as we reach the end

They all turn a blind eye, to threads god strung
They're slowly breaking, there's no time to wait
It's a curse cast by man, we're demising
Not part of the master plan, we've made our own end.

The rain makes my tears seem so small,
Like they mean nothing at all.
It drowns the sounds of my thoughts
And clears my head.
I could stand here in the rain forever,
Without an umbrella.
Because the rain washes away my pain
And validates me again.


Questions linger unanswered
only visions of a perfect world
remain one creature
the creator of breaking points
oh great creator of silence
just another swept away
underneath your wings

Must escape this place / Might escape this place
But you'll never forget this face / you'll remember this face
feel every nail that pierces
the perfect babies' hides

Thoughts of death a commodity
palpable only in dreams
screams become hits
on your personnal radio station / on your personnal radio

The moon a remnant
of her milky skin
her all knowing eyes, craters
in control of tides, our minds

Back with your fix
Re-entering your comfort zone / in your comfort zone
a single image (scratched/burned?)
upon asylum walls and eyelids / upon eyelids and asylum walls

In control of thought / in control of every thought
within the sub-consious / the sub-consious can create
heat her bait & lure / warmness her bain & lure
still no (found?) cure
(so you'll have to endure?)

Feel the bricks of life
crumble like twigs
to her control
a modern troll / a modern day troll

The end is never near / the end is not near
feelings eternally internal / feelings internal, eternally
no way to slay the beast / no way to slay our beast
we wallow in yeast / wallowing in yeast
what a magnificent feast / what a feast
not hard for her to swallow

A single raven in our midst / single raven in our midst
leaving for yet another victim / leaving for another victim
for we need no feed / for our kind need no feed
its a scar infinite to all / its a (permanent/infinite) moon to the ocean
all self contained / a world in itself

an empty audience

he sits alone in peace
without a firm control
without a single excuse

he wants the attention
even the slightest reaction
so he make-believes
his own satisfaction

he holds his head up high
content in recognition
he continues to lose direction
clearing any sense of existence

darkness settles in his eyes
slowly plaguing to his mind
satisfied at his reception
he finally loses control


I want to do many things
But I only have this little, little time
I want to try sky-diving
But I have no time to learn

Building castles in the air
It's not even a waste of time, not to me
Dreaming of a big constelation
Oh. I'm so lost in translation

And all I do,
just talking but not moving
And on my mind
Imagination keep on revolving

And if you do,
have time to sit here with me
always on my mind
Just let me breathe

empty chords

I am the talk of the town
wondering deep inside my head
I want to get my things done
Before everything else is too late

(Chorus) x2

Broken chair by window.
Empty box in closet.
Blankets askew on bed.
Matress laid on carpet.
When strangers visit, things happen.
When strangers visit, lives are written.
Stereo blasting notes.
Loves life ended.
Her life was wrote.
Engraved in stone.
When strangers visit, things happen.
When strangers visit, lives are changed.
Coffe table turned.
Couch knocked over.
Desktop smashed up.
Wood is scattered.
When strangers visit, things happen.
When strangers visit, lives are ended.


Water becomes friends with the clouds and they fall in love
Fall upon your head, tangling your hair into a nest for my hand
It only makes sense that our lips should touch
and the birds in the trees share their music as if they feel our emotions in the breeze
I look in your eyes and see a green design that god hand crafted
A beauty that stings my heart
You smile at me and I want everyday to be paved with that smile
I want the sun to rise, peak into my blinds and reveal you next to me
annonce that we are a symbol of love's disease
Reflect upon the world that only knows lust
souls that crave the forbidden fruit
tastes the alcohol on their tounges, looks at a girl and says "she's the one"
It's a miracle that you and I should meet
that we should fall in love, because there is only one you, and one me
and for this reason I know to hold on tight
I know i can close my eyes for the rest of my life and trust that i won't see a more breathtaking sight