In profile, called "The First Drop of Rain and What Follows". The description explains why I made this. Stop the YouTube video playing first as I can't figure out how to stop it playing automatically!

Any input would be much appreciated, C4C as usual.
My first impression of it is that it was a bit odd, very mellow and laid back, almost like a form of Regga mixed with elavator music. Its not bad, just kinda generic sounding. I would try to spice it up some, the pick tapping was an interesting twist, but I think it needs more.

Crit mine?
hmm cool sound man. the chord progression reminded me of mary janes last dance by petty. cool playing/jam track. i think it needs a lift/chorus though. something to open it up a little bit. nice start but i got bored with it even with it being a short track. loved the guitar playing and effects though.

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