So i've been a long time user of FL Studio for programming drums/keyboards and other VSTs. I'm currently in the process of switching to a Mac computer and realised that FL studio doesn't work on these

So, do any of you have any suggestions of a programme that works on a mac that will allow me to programme using VSTs such as EZ Drummer/Nexus/Edirol Orchestral?

I also use pro tools for recording guitar/bass parts and I hear that the new pro tools 8 is extremely good for programming VSTs. Anybody got any info on that?

Thanks in advance!
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Ableton Live if you have time for the learning curve. It'll take you a week or so to get the hang of it.
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I'll maybe look into it, I'd like something similar to FL though

Or even better yet, if anyone can confirm the ease of using VSTs with pro tools 8 which would save me masses of trouble
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As a Mac User I can recommend Logic Studio 9 or even Garageband '09. FL Studio is chickenfeed compared to Logic (even Logic Express is light years ahead of FL)... Mac DAW's normally use AU's not VST's although I'm running Presonus's STUDIO ONE and also Cubase 4.5 on my Mac system and they do support AU's and VST's too. You do know that Windows VST's will NOT WORK with Mac DAW's right? They must be MAC Plug-ins. If you run Windows on your Mac then Windows Plug-ins will work fine but MAC OS X is amazing and so nice for recording - so much easier to get everything working too. Garageband is better than 90% of most PC DAW's and it comes FREE on a lot of Macs! Garageband is Schaweeeet. I record my guitar stuff and with my MIDI keyboard do my Bass tracks and program all my drum tracks with it. It also comes with great LOOPS you can start using immediately. Logic Studio comes with 18-gigs of great LOOPS - 6 DVD's of fantastic goodies. You really will never want to record on a PC again once you try it on a Mac. I have a new Windows 7 Laptop with recording stuff set up on it too but normally ALWAYS record on my G5 system, cause everything just "works". I don't have latency issues, driver problems, etc on my G5 - on my Windows system it's a different story. Mac's use CORE AUDIO and everything you'll install or run will configure itself beautifully (and usually effortlessly too). It's just a recording "dream".
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I think most of the plugins I use have an option to install on a mac

See man, i've already got pro tools for recording. I bought it AGES ago haha
I used a mac for recording in college a few times and I was totally sold on it
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bear in mind that protools uses RTAS plugins, not VST or AU.

Fxpansion make a "wrapper" application that can allow some VST plugins to be run as RTAS in ProTools, but i've never used it so i can't vouch for its effectiveness
Logic is IMO the best option for Macs, though you can't go wrong with Cubase either, Live is ok, but it's meant more for live loop juggling and whatnot (hence the name)
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Right i Just spoke to a friend who also owns a mac

He said you CAN open EZ drummer/DFH in pro tools 8!
Guess im sorted then
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