sorry if this is wrong area, but it seemed right to me.

I went to my favorite thunderhorse tab by dethklok to freshen up on the song since i forgot a section. now when i pull up the tab, there is a message saying it was taken down due to copyright infringement or something (doesn't sound very legit to me honestly...) and it looks like all the dethklok tabs are that way right now.

my questions:
1. is anyone else experiencing this throughout the site on other material, please share
2. is their a way to fight this, i really don't see how learning a song for scholarly purposes is an infringement on anyone's intellectual property (if anyone wants to explain this go for it)
3. If you are a dethklok fan, do you think Brendon smalls (the writer/guitarist/mastermind of the show/band) was behind this, or adult swim, or what.

please post anything you can on this, i'm just curious to whats going on. thanks
The legal issues are nothing new they closed down alot of great sites a few years ago, UG survived because its based in Russia and pays artists royalties so i dunno what the deal is with this new issue, i'm just surprised to see it rearing its ugly head again.
You can read a little more about it here.

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all tabs removed because music publisher which owns all these songs requested us to do so. sorry