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Behringer UMX61
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M-Audio KeyRig49
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So it's not a guitar >.< Where else would I put this?

So I have a microKORG, but I'm short on cash and just got a killer laptop + Reason. I'm looking to dump my KORG to a friend and get a MIDI controller as it would be better for what I'm doing now. I narrowed it down to two choices, can you all help me pick one? I do live stuff along the lines of MGMT, some hip hop synth/keys, and some not-insane keys in Muse songs, nothing virtuoso piano, but I need something that will hold up (relatively) live and be good for stage use. I want more than 25 dinky keys, so I found the following two boards:
Behringer UMX61
M-Audio KeyRig 49

I know both companies are legit, and scale isn't an issue as long as it's 49+ keys. I really only use mod/pitch/octave as is, so I don't NEED the other knobs on the UMX61, but is it worth the extra $30? I'll gladly spend that if I have reason to.

Harmony Central has a very active synth forum you may want to check out. Sorry, no link right now, I'm on my phone.

I'm not a piano virtuoso or a big synth guy but I sure know enough to not buy Behringer anything. M-Audio is OK. I love Yamaha weighted controllers.
What's your budget? If you have the cash I'd recommend a (bigger) KORG or Alesis.
My budget is like up to $150 but I'd rather stick with low end and something that just works for what i need it to, no bells and whistles. I just play, I don't do a ton with sounds while I'm playing and I'm saving eventually for a really nice analog synth so I just want something for a year or so.
you do know the microkorg is a midi controller, right? you just need a cable to connect it.
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Yeah, I have one and an interface (I'm going to school for music tech) but I don't need all of its features and I can do everything with a controller now that I have Reason, and I need the extra cash.