So I'm taking a Photoshop class at the college and we are making animatics. My teacher knows I'm into audio and video production and asked me for advice on some audio equipment to do voice-overs for his videos and the student projects.

We ordered an EMU 0202 USB and Behringer XM8500 mic, (Nice mic BTW).

When I went to class today I plugged the interface into an XP machine only to have it tell me that it failed to install the windows drivers for the hardware. So I tried my Windows 7 laptop and same thing.

Well I keep that plugged in anyways and install the drivers from the website.
I get to the screen where the loading bar goes up and at around 47% it sticks and does do anything until I unplug the interface where it sticks at 90%.
I finally get the software loaded and updated but I had to unplug this interface like 3 times.

Has anyone else had this issue?
I like the interface and it works/sounds great...but the install is a killer...

Oh and for the record, DeepFreeze is a killer when trying to install and use hardware...
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