I want to get some kind of pedal which can harmonize what I am playing.
The first pedal I found was the Boss PS-5 Super Shifter.
What's your opinion about it? Any problems?

Then I found the Digitech pedal, but I think I wouldn't trust that automatic thing...

Do you know any similar effects? Of course in the same price range, I don't want to get a 19" effect for 5000€.

I heard there was a nice one from TC Electronic, but I couldn't find it...

Thx for reading!
If you have none than an EHX HOG
Gear :

Ibanez RG2570 (has yet to post pics)
Crap Wal-Mart guitar that came in a 70 buck starters pack.
Marshall MG15, I know
HOG and PS-3, can they harmonize?

Budget... hmm let's say 300€.
i own a ps5, very digital sounding. useful though, i only use it nowadays for its detune ability to create a chorus like effect as i dont have a chorus pedal at the moment. sounds great on lead notes. every now and then i use it for its harmonies, but as i said, its like harmonizing with a robot

try the digitech one, i hear great things about it
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I don't really want to throw down the extra on the Digitech Whammy, but I think I could probably make the PS-5 sound good along with the rest of my pedals (delay, wah, tremolo, and chorus). I don't really want to get a general, because that's not really the sound I want. Anyone use the PS-5 for ambient,acoustic-styled stuff, or hard rock (the first two are styles I don't normally play but am looking to improve my sound on) and have good results/opinions?
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