Hi, i'm a 20yr old guitarist with 4 yrs experience

Currently looking for a metal/hardcore band to have some fun and get some jamming happening

Main influences are Lamb of God and Born of Osiris to keep it short and sweet.

Let me know if interested
What a horrendous music taste for a 20 year old. Maybe understandable for someone who is 13.
You're the one interested in this thread - got nothing useful to say then don't say it.
They are the only two posts that guy has ever made... On a more related note, those are two of my favourite bands. You got any way of recording?

Not a decent way no - only a microphone and audacity

You live in exeter?
Pretty much, I'm at uni so I spend like 3 quarters of the year here. Bristol is a bit far though... What kinda music would you wanna make? Or is it just jamming like other people's songs?

Edit: Sorry I take so long to reply, I never remember when I post in here.
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Yeh shame we're so far away. Probably a technical metal obviously with quite a bit of influence from Tosin Abasi

I'd prefer to start getting more creative even though i have quite a repetoire under my belt already.