I am looking for a practice routine and technique to help me get my Rhythm playing rock solid.

What Instructional DVDs do you like that focus on Rhythm Guitar?
Before we begin our Correspondence Guitar Lessons, you will fill out a detailed Evaluation Form that contains questions about your musical background, current skill level, musical goals, challenges and more. Based on your responses I will create a long term strategy to help you reach your guitar playing goals in the FASTEST way possible. With this strategy in mind, I will create all your lessons. If your goals change over time (which they may), then you will let me know about it and I will change the strategy I have designed for you. In addition, you can submit videos or audio recordings of your playing to me and I'll give you detailed feedback about your guitar playing. I will also take these videos or recordings in account for creating your future lessons.
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Um.. Metal Method, maybe. I don't know many, but I would like to know more that focus on different kinds or rhythm and techniques.

I like Metal Method. Anything else people would recommend?