Hi, an area I have no clue about so can't provide much information unfortunately.
Going to be buying an Ibanez MBM2 soon to replace my Squire Strat which I have been using the past 7 years. While I'm at it I also want to upgrade my amp as I recently started university meaning no amp at home etc.
Currently I'm using

What I'm wondering is, would an amp in the £200 range be much of a major upgrade?
The only use I want it for is practicing, no gigs. Primarily I play Metalcore and Hard Rock, a few bands:

All that Remains
Avenged Sevenfold
Between The Buried and Me

Would also be nice to find an amp which provides a clear output when tapping and sweeping, however I have a feel this is contributed by all the gear, guitar, pedal and amp.
Peavey Vyper, Vox Valvetronix either or will do it
Vox Ac 30 (main)
Fender Supersonic with Krank Krankenstien 4x12
OR 50 with 4 x 12
Gassing for ibanes airplane flanger
Thanks for the replies guys, with upgrading to MBM2 and a Vypyr 30, would it still be worth buying an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff when I eventually manage to find a shop with one available?
roland cube 60 even would work for the amp, most likely.

what's the mbm2, a baritone? sure you wouldn't be better with a normal guitar? EDIT: sorry, i was thinking of the sig guitar from the dude in staind, i think it had a similar model number. turns out it's the matt bachand model, ignore what i said.

modelling amps have the rep of not working too well with pedals, though i haven't tried it myself (i don't have a modelling amp, so never really have any need to try one with pedals).
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