Hey i was wondering, i got a fender strat mim mexican made with three single coil pickups, and i want to upgrade. I dont know much about single coil pickups, i have always been a fan of dual humbuckers, So i have a vox vt 30 and was goin more for the jimi hendrix, beatles, zepelin, and gratful dead tone. I looked online and found these.


Are these good for the tone im lookin for and if not please suggest a different set. thanks
My Gear:

PRS Se Custom 24
Vox Vt 30
Esp Ltd C-301 Bass
Acoustic B100 Bass Amp
Morley Power Wah Bass Pedal
Ask Courdroy EW to build you some, a much more bespoke feeling as it feels more boutique and made for you, Never owned a set, however nothing but stirling reviews and great soundclips!
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