Hey guys

I'm getting the RBX375 by Yamaha for christmas, and i hear that there is a problem with it being a shorter scale than most 5'ers. What gague strings should i put on there, just to be safe?


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Normal is fine, EBMM Ray's have the same issue, standard gauge strings will be fine
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low b at 130 or 125 would be more normal gauge.
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Also, keep in mind the sound difference.

Bigger strings sound... bigger
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Your RBX375 is not a shorter scale than many other five-string basses. It is a standard 34" scale bass. Several five-string basses have a 35" scale to put more tension on the low "B" string. I have an RBX375 and it works just fine with its 34" scale.
A new set of strings can do wonders for a bass. If the old set have been on for a while, the sound they produce will be dull and lifeless. Old strings can be the cause of fret buzz and intonation problems, and in a worse-case scenario could snap during performance.

How long a string takes to become ‘old’ depends on several factors: how much it is played, whether it is wiped down after use, and even how corrosive the perspiration of the player. Top players may change their strings nightly; only fresh strings give them the sound they want, whilst a bass that spends very little time in use - perhaps avoiding gig situations – will be fine for months or years.
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