On my humbuckers for my guitars, it looks like there are screws or something I can turn with a flathead screwdriver. What do these do? Does it adjust the amount of noise that picks up from them? I think there's one for each string, I'm too lazy to get up and go look lol.

Anybody help me out?
It adjusts the pole height for each individual bobbin for each string. Closer to string = brighter, farther away = darker.
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Also, Closer= louder and more punch, and farther=quieter and mellow.

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Sorry, im gonna hijack your thread to ask a wuestion of my own.

Is it a good idea to change the height of the poles?
It is up to you because it is a subjective adjustment. In other words, only you know how you want your guitar to sound like, so you need to set the poles how YOU want them to sound.

Just remember where you have them before you start adjusting them, then if you do not like it you can always put them back the way they were. Also, adjusting them can level out your tone/loudness between strings. Like if you have mids that are too high and you have to keep adjusting them down with the EQ on your amp, instead you could adjust it down with these pole adjustments permanently.

Good luck to you!
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