Hi there.

I have a Randall RG50 TC combo tube amp. Recently it started making this really odd rumbling noise on certain notes. Now last week at band practice it started crackling to the point where i thought it was gonna explode! It got progressively worse for about 15 minutes so i decided to turn it off and borrow another amp for practice. When i got home i turned the amp on again to see if the problem still existed and it seemed fine for about 30 seconds then it makes this really loud noise so i just turned it off right away to be safe. After it shit itself i had a look at the power tubes. They looked fine to me but one of them was extremely hot and the other was warm. It isnt a guitar or cable issue as we checked while we were in the room. Would it be ok for me to just run one tube instead of the 2 to see if it is a tube problem?

Sorry for lengthy post, hope someone helps me.

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To answer your question, no, it wouldn't be ok to run with one tube; you'll fry the amp.

Sounds like it could be one of the power tubes failing. I'd swap them with new ones and get the amp biased, as there could be a bias issue as well.
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