Here's a song I started working on the other day. I've kind of hit a wall with it, though. Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this. Minus the Bear and Dance Gavin Dance inspired.
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those guitar lines are intense. XD

But this is awesome so far. keep it up, I cant really crit something this short.
There isn't much there to judge by, but so far, it's pretty cool; all the instruments work together really well. I'll be sure to check back to see how this progresses.
well all I can say is that was fricken tasty.
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I updated the first post. I added two more parts. I need to get off of that E to B progression. Haha.
That was really good, you should record it with a real guitar, and do the bass too! Maybe someone on the forum could put a drum track with it as well, and it will sound great.

I love how you used the tapping, i can really hear your tfot influence in it too, and maybe a bit of TM but you also got your own thing going on which is really good.

keep it up

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And you better not have just named dropped some of my favorite bands. I don't want to be disappoint.

I don't know why I'm quoting myself.
Possibly because with a midi/GP version of song, you actually made me pause my first listening session of Geneva (Russian Circles).
I am not disappoint. And you better enter that competition now.
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Really nice work. It's super complex, but kinda gives off a simple vibe. Great composition skills man. Although you'd have to be quite the pro to even attempt to play this.
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