Hi guys, I've got more of a noobish kinda question.

Well im in 2 bands currently, and i help write for both.

I can write lyrics really well, but when it comes to the instrumental aspect of writing i fail, horribly.

I've studied music theory, i know how to construct chords and all that, harmonization, everything.

I just can't come up with anything good while just sitting down at with my guitar.

Should i just not try the instrumentals or what should i do to be more creative?

If its important the 2 bands are pop punk/post hardcore.

Sorry for my noob question.
I actually need help with the same thing. And pitches of singing vs. chords and tabs.
Well many people are in the same boat. It's like writters block on the guitar i guess. I have it too. What helps me to get out of it is to write the other way around. Writting a guitar melody then music to it. If your lucky a melody will stick in your head, and then sometimes it put's words in your mind. I dont know if i helped but that works for me.