Once you "learn" sweep picking, does it start coming more naturally and fluidly? I can do 2 sweeps (one in The Fall of Troy - Dark Trail and one in BTBAM - Ants of the Sky) and whenever I learn a new sweep it's like I have to learn the whole technique over again. Most techniques ... once I learn them, they're there. Is this normal? Do I just need to get better?
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how many ****ing times do people need to say to practice before it starts to sink in, that it will help you with pretty much whatever you're trying to do.
There's just a lot of shapes you have to practice when you're learning to sweep. Just learn the basic major, minor, and diminished sweeps on 3 strings, then move to four, five, and six.. It gets easier eventually man, just stick with it. and use a metronome!!
It will always seem like you have to relearn it because it could be one of so many shapes which your finger have to get used to. After a while it gets easier. Your fingers just need to run through the shapes a few times.
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Yeah, definitely. Obviously, the more you work on left hand technique the easier the left hand portions are going to come if you have the sweeping motion down with the right hand.
like the other guys haave been saying, sweep picking isn't really a technique that you can get down and apply to everything right away. most people will find they have the right hand technique for any sweep (because it is always the same), and the challenge comes with mastering the shapes. just learn as many shapes as you can and practice them, that should allow you to pretty much do whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in sweeping
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