I'm thinking about buying this guitar. It's a 1980s Contemporary Standard 22 Stratocaster. I have a few questions and I was wondering if any of you all have answers..

1. Can this guitar rock even though it has single coils? I'm interested in playing everything from classic rock to lets say Megadeth.
2. Is the system 1 tremolo really as bad as some people say
3. Does the system 1 work like the tremolo bar on my mexican strat (the bridge gets bent upwards changing the pitch) or like a floyd rose (where you can dive bomb and go crazy).
4. How difficult is it to change strings and tune/retune?

This guitar plays like a dream, but I'm curious about the above.

I'm also interested in any information you have on this guitar!

keep it [the bat] in a cage, and right before your next gig starts, and your on stage and everything, bite its head off. AMD MUNCH DEM TINGS DER DOWN!!
I have two of these, just because I liked the first one so much I had to have another! Stock pickups are alright for megadeth stuff, but better for leads than rhythm. I really like the system 1 because of how responsive it is. It's pretty much the same as a floyd rose but strings go through the block rather than locking.