I need some help on this one.

I tend to sing when I play bass (yes, I can pull off a Geddy Lee) and more recently I've encountered a problem.

I've noticed that sometimes I'll get this pain in my throat itself, like I'm trying to swallow a hot piece of food. It's gone from a small dull pain to the point where it's become REALLY painful, almost like a needle to the back of my throat.

Any idea what's causing it and how I can deal with it?
you should really go to the doctor for something like this bro. It's never good when your throat is in acute pain while singing.
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you should really go to the doctor for something like this bro. It's never good when your throat is in acute pain while singing.

Maybe I should...
sounds like bad technique and perhaps a nodule. I would visit throat guy then book in for some vocal technique pointers
probally see a doc. I would also check with a vocal coach, your probally not singing from your diaphraghm (whatever the hell that even means, Im new to doing vocals, but it sounds right).
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No, if you're doing falsetto properly you should have no problems.
But like the guy above said, GO SEE A DOCTOR.
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I'm interested to see how this ends.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
If something in your throat is hurting, it's never good. It might not be related to or caused by singing, but continuing to sing will just agitate whatever it is down there. If it's just an everyday throat pain caused by singing or otherwise strained throat activity, it should just go away...but this sounds a lot more serious. Yes, see a doctor, but afterward don't continue singing in an improper manner. Try to fix it.

Also, only try imitating Geddy Lee if it's comfortable for you. If you have to strain or tense up to reach the pitch or shape of his vocals, it's going to be detrimental. Just find and stay in your range.
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Will me singing Geddy vocals do any harm?

If you're trying for his screamy 70s Temples Of Syrinx type voice, probably. I'm guessing that's why he stopped screaming in the 80s.
hmmmm sounds like syphilis to me
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