Amp fanatics of UG, I call upon your sage advice.
Basically, I got invited to play in a new band. Their style is "heavy alternative" music. My Peavey Vypyr has been farting out at my other band's practice when I try to keep it at high volumes for longer than a half hour. Therefore, I think it's time to look into bying a tube amp. I need something that can cover heavy styles of music (the heaviest being Lamb of God). Also, Im guessing that Im going to need to use effects (fuzz, delay, possible other distortin, etc), so I need an amp that has a decent clean channel and can take pedals well. I'll be using the amp for rehersal purposes in a garage practice type setting. I don't know how many watts I'd need to be heard in that setting, but my guess is around 15-20 watts (please correct me if Im wrong though). Im not exactly sure where Im gonna be price-wise, but I'd guesstimate that I'll spend around 400-800 dollars for it. I am willing to buy new or used, and I am willing to search around for amps that are no longer in production
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Personally id go for Marshall, as you can never go wrong there, i think they have a 40w combo in your price range called the Marshall Haze, or somethin like that. I'd also throw in a tube screamer or equalizer so you can pump up the gain a bit. Hope that helps.