Ive been wanting to buy an SG for a long time but i want to know what you guys or girls think about them what are the pros and what are the cons.
nice and nasty. they sound best imo through a brittish voiced tube amp screaming at full volume. theyre a little less rich in the harmonic department as a les paul but theyre great for getting the snotty, upper mid bark of the "i dont give a ****" rock tone. they also look a lot more evil than any other traditional body style. however they are also a bit neck heavy due to the light body and the tonality can get a little one dimensional if youre used to a versatile instrument like a strat or modern ibanez.
Gots me a black epi G-400 and I love it. Structurally i like the lack of a heel when compared with les pauls, lets you get up higher on the neck. As far a cons, mine is a little top heavy, but I got used to that pretty fast. Is that all you wanted?
-good fret access
-brighter and clearer than a les paul
-you can find them used for under a grand

-neck dive
-neck pickup is a little back further from the node
-not as thick and rich as a les paul
-some people find the body shape uncomfortable