Just picked up my sweet new Epiphone Wildkat.
I love it. Those P90's sound fat & rich. The body is gorgeous.

Anyone else had the pleasure of playing one of these?
PICS or its an LP Special II

I've never played one, but I briefly looked into them. Seemed like an awesome and versatile guitar.
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My girlfriend has one and she loves it.
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Sorry gang f*@King pic didn't attach.
Here's the generic pic, not my actual guitar but the same as this. Will see if I can work out what's going on with the other pic.

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I've got it's sister guitar, the Alleykat, they're seriously amazing guitars. One of the only guitars that I think looks good with a flame top.

Also, thread needz moar pichers
HNGD! That is really nice. My next guitar is gonna be a semi-hollow body.
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Nice guitar dude, I've been looking at them too funnily enough.

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Ooh, god damn you. I've been wanting one of these for months but nowhere here carries them (and I think they stopped making the turquoise colour I like).

HNGD, very jealous.
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Pics or shes a dude.

lol, made my day

...btw, nice guitar
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Thanks all.
I believe they've stopped making them but there's still a few around (well in Australia anyway). They're still on the Epiphone website which might mean there's stock warehoused somewhere.
Hardest thing was getting a case. Ended up finding a "near-new" case at Gallins Guitars in Melbourne. It's certainly not a guitar that will fit into a generic guitar case.

I've given up following my dreams.... I'm gunna find out where they're going and hook up with them later.