Hey last night i posted a thread about buying via classified on music classified forums, you guys were great help.

But instead of buying a Mark III blue stripe with eq online for 700, I have an option of purchasing a IIC (no plus, no eq) locally for about a 1000.

I'm mainly looking for a head good for the brutals. I play thrash, power metal, and occasionally some jazzy, clean ballads. I play an ESP Horizon II, and MIM Fender Strat.

What head would be the best in those areas. I heard the IIc doesnt enough gain for metal. But my friend is suggesting me the IIc because he says its worth more money, and more collectible is that true?

Thanks again UG
According to what I've read the Mark III blue stripe has more aggressive gain than its predecessors amongst the 'stripes', which I'd presume is good for metal. Has the same power section as the IIC+.

However, with the IIC, it was at one time possible to get it modded officially by Mesa to Mark IIC+ specs. I'm not sure if this is still the case.

Personally, I love the Mark III sound. Try them both out if you can, but remember they're difficult to dial in.
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Does anyone have any personal experience with the IIC I cant seem to find any clips on youtube, its all about the C+