I've been searching through google for the tabs to this song, but it cannot be found.

Ruff Endz - If I was the one

Here's a link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwAnyq4wVcQ

It's strange. I know the song was relatively popular, yet nobody has ever taken the time to type up the tabs for it. I apologize if it is too soon for a new member to make a request. I hope someone can help me. Thanks you!

PS. Hi everyone. I'm Charles.
it could be because the original song is by luther vandross, might be a tab under that, then you can figure out the riffs from the chords
No sir! I just checked our database and it isn't under Luther Vandross either. In fact, I looked up his song on youtube and the sound is a bit different as well! Thanks for the heads up though. I had no idea Ruff Endz's was a cover.

Nice name by the way. Although, it's a bit discouraging seeing my first reply coming from "Murphy's Law." lol