Ok, so I know a few scales like D minor, C minor and i can think of what i want to play, but i cant improvise in them to save my life, I wind up just playing the sales note for note in different positions... :/ any advice on how to maneuver within a scale position and play it so it sounds good and not just like I am playing the scale?
If you can think of what you want to play try singing it, record yourself singing it then work out how to play it on your guitar.

Learn other peoples solos and work out what you like about them.

Alternatively, insted of trying to use the whole scale straight away limit yourself to the root and 2 or 3 notes near it - that way you can focus on your rhythm/phrasing without having to think too much about what comes next. You might also suprise yourself at how many cool licks you can come up with from just 3 notes - and whenever you do come up with one you like write it down!
Just listen to a backing track without even touching your guitar and see what would fit, then its just a matter of getting the sound you want out of your guitar. The best way of accomplishing this is, in my opinion, to transcribe other peoples solos.

Oh, and if you're interested in blues i really recommend the Blues Lead Guitar series on www.justinguitar.com it helped me ALOT!

Sorry that I couldnt answer any more Im in quite a hurry.

BTW, zhillas advice is very good, follow that.