Hey guys,

I'm considering buying a new lefty electric for myself, but I'm kind of torn. The two guitars in question are the G&L Tribute ASAT Classic and the Fender Standard Telecaster.

I absolutely love G&L Guitars, but I don't know how the Tribute series stacks up to the rest of them, and I can't drop enough money to get an American Tele. Does anyone have experience with the G&L Tribute series? Is it worth it, or should I just stick with the MIM Fender?
G&L is totally worth it, that said, they'll sound almost exactly the same.
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Yeah, I guess they wouldn't sound TOO different. But in that case, I guess it's worth it for original G&L pickups. Any other opinions? (aka bump?)
personally i like G&L, but know that it might not hold its value as well if you go to sell it used one day.

also, check the weights on those guitars, the G&Ls i've found used have been a little heavy.

id suggest you check local CL but you're a lefty, so yeah, guess it's a crap shoot.

either way, nice guitars. good luck

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The other day I gave a few G&Ls a shot and for my money they destroyed the mim fenders I've played. There necks played so smoothly, and it might have just been me but I found the heel much less obtrusive.
Thank you. Being left-handed, resell value is probably crap for me anyway. I don't really plan on reselling anyway, this will be my first SERIOUS electric, as I've only had hand-me-downs or righty-flips. I've also played an OLD 60s-70s Hagstrom Swede, which was like...25lbs. But I've always lusted for a G&L, it just sucks that all the stores around here carry like...2 Squier Stratocasters that are left-handed and that's it.