Well I have a Ibanez rg120 witch i have already added a boss DS-1 pedal into. ill add a pic. I dont care about how it looks but how useful things are. That being said I want to change my neck pick up to a lipstick tube along with adding a spilting switch for the humbucker and a switch for parallel to series. With seperate vol and tone pots. Im look for ideas, tip, etc.
Adding a lipstick tube pickup shouldn't be hard but measure the cavity on your guitar because some of those pickups are made longer than standard ones.

As for the coil tapping(splitting) and series/parallel, the easiest thing to do would be to use two push-pull pots. You'll need to go to the Ultimate Wiring Thread for help with all that wiring.
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i think you'll need more routing done on your guitar to fit the extra volume/tone pots you want..

why is it popular all of a sudden to put a freaking pedal board in your guitar...? not just you either alot of guys on here want/do this and i dont understand it, do you all play in wheelchairs? (no offense if you do and cant use a stompbox, but really??) someone please explain...?
it makes it easier to sound good when playing, instead of playing good i think :P like a ninja boost

plus it makes it loads easier instead of lugging around both a pedal and the guitar with the rest of the gear.
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well if im playing a gig and im using a wireless system then i dont want to be a retard who has to run back to my pedal. plus when i did it like 2 years ago i was doing alot of jaming with a few of my friends and two of them had the same pedal. this made it a pain to know whos is whos. so i painted mine and it looked really bad so i came up with putting it in my guitar so i would have to look at the green, black, brown, lumpy bad paint job i did lol.