Lmao. Thats really good, perfect american song. The lyrics are really great, not too much to crit on them. The guitar could come through the mix a bit more, it was a bit quiet. I think you should just add a bass guitar in there, just to give it some more dynamics.

Thanks for the crit buddy.
Thanks for checking out my song. I really enjoyed this, real nice and easy going. Like everyone else said, the guitar could be brought out a little more. Sounds great, nice melody. Good work
Loved the lyrics!! I think you could throw in a few variations on the phrase endings for the verse, it gets a little too repetitive. This is the kind of tune that really needs as proper country treatment. Any plans to get an arrangement together for this?
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Well not really my genre, but I liked it quite a bit, nice melodies, and the background vocals are really well done. I would really suggest to increase the guitar levels quite a bit, at first when I started listening to it with low volume I thought it had no guitar.
Other than that nice work!

Thanks for the crit btw !