Hi there,

I bought a new Farida acoustic guitar a few months ago. I am pretty new to guitar. I picked it up today and the 6th string was ringing strangely. I thought my capo might not have been tight enough so I took the capo off (I had only just put it on, I don't leave it on while the guitar is in the case) and played it again but it was having the same strange reverberating noise sounding somewhat like a Jose Gonzalez song! I turned on the on board tuner and strummed the string a few times and adjusted it to be exactly tuned but the noise was still there, it sounds like it is just hitting something as it vibrated. I tightened it up to G and the sound was gone, unwound it back to E and it was there again!

What should I do? The neck does not look bent at all and I always keep the guitar in the case when not in use. The string might need replacing? I've never tied these types of strings before so that might call for my first trip to the guitar store.

Thanks for the help!
step 1 - try to find where exactly it is buzzing - at which point is the string is hitting the frets or whatever

step 2 - make the string higher near that point.. eg. my friend's guitar had a buzz at the first frets on the E string because the groove in the nut was too deep. My temporary solution was to just jam a bit of paper under there to lift the string up.. worked perfectly

ps. don't tune it back up to G again :P
haha thanks champ =) I won't tune it up again. Well, I tried lifting the string/observing it as it vibrates and it doesn't appear to hit anything... If I stick my ear closer it feels like the sound is coming from inside like something is rattling around as I shake it... As I mentioned it does have an on board tuner and some wires that run to the battery housing/amp plug. I don't know =S I think I will just take it to the guys because I don't want to stuff anything up hehe. Arg! such a hassle. In such a guitar mood tonight.
Yes its most likely fret buzz so try it at all frets. It could be that one fret is a little high. If its only open and the first few frets then it could be the nut is a little down. The temporary fix already mentioned would certainly tell, one way or the other. A more permanent fix is to mix a tiny amount of super glue with baking powder and coat the bottom of the nut groove. it dries quickly and can be filed down to the correct height with a suitable file.
If that's not the problem and thinking about it I reckon its not, it could just be that the string is worn and should be replaced. Get one slightly thicker as your experiment with tuning up solved the trouble by putting a little more tension on the neck. In fact. check the frets are level first then try the new string before messing with the nut. Its an almost new guitar and was fine earlier so its probably the neck settling a fraction.
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I wouldn't mess with the nut just yet, and if it comes to that, it's better to just replace it than to try to add height to it as suggested. A new set of strings should be your first step and then, if it's still buzzing, loosening the truss rod a bit should get rid of it. Your buzzing sounds very minor and is probably caused changes in humidity levels in your house which causes the wood in your guitar to expand or contract. It's normal to get some fret buzz as the seasons change. My suggestion, since your pretty new to guitar, is to take it to a shop and have a tech show you how to change strings properly and adjust the truss rod for you -- important things to learn if you want to mantain your guitar properly.