My new band. Trying to go for an Acacia Strain meets Reign Supreme sorta sound with the old stuff and moving towards more Converge and Oceano influence
So all three big cores mashed together. Demos recorded in our guitarist's home studio, programmed drums, everything else real. Vocals done by our vocalist at his house.

Purevolume (Instrumental tracks downloadable from here!)

from what i've heard sounds good and your logo is pretty good to
'into the night under a crimson sky on the the fetid wings of death we ride' Messiah Of Hate by Hell Wave
Wow that is really good, not my favourite type of music but the recording is of a really high quality and the production is pretty great, i would say the drums are sligthly overpowering with regards to the ride and cymbals but overall its pretty epic.
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+1 to carcass255, he knows funk will lead the way

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S'okay. Not particularly fond of the vocals though
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Liking the cosmic toad vocals is a sign of exquisite taste, so good on you!

my comedy band's got nothing on this band in terms of sheer hilarity provided, mainly since this one isn't intended to be funny
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you guys are honestly fantastic. The only thing im not really fond of is the vocals. Other than that, you definitely have influences from the bands mentioned. if you put out and album, i would buy it.