Hiya Folks,

First post in EG, usually hang in the deapths of GG&A but figured this was worth showing off

bought this little bad boy off ebay the other week and it arrived today

Its a gretsch power jet, and I LOVES IT way better than my electromatic pro jet which will now be getting new TV jones pickups in it so it can be a back up guitar.

yeah guess thats about it
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beautiful guitar.
and even though it was artfully covered in the 3rd pic your star wars book can be seen in the 4th.
haha completely unintentional covering honest ... its just my payslip that and i chucked it along with all the stuff that was on my chair on my bed when i got home so i could crash.
Really nice looking. I often forget about Gretsch being a Guitar company for some reason.
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looks nice, congradulations. hngd
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Really nice looking. I often forget about Gretsch being a Guitar company for some reason.

Really? I would have thought that there guitars were way more popular than the drum kits
Not for me, I find those pickups very ugly, but as long as YOU like it, HNGD.
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jealous of both your beautiful gretschs!


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I hate you. I have such huge GAS for one of these.
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Wow, I don't think i've ever seen a NDG like this before. Most are only metal guitars in EG. Nice guitar man, i've only played a gretsch baritone and it played pretty good.

Happy new guitar day
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Wow thanks heaps folks, I'm glad I can sway a few of you metal guys into looking at a good ol rock n roll guitar

after having a fair old play with it today, can honestly say. i've found MY guitar. this thing plays awesomely and sounds even better than it looks
Me likes!
HNGD you delicious yellow spongy bastard!
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HNGD. I've always loved Gretsches. That thing is beautiful.
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I love Grestch guitars, well, the traditional looking ones. I'd lovee to put a G5122 in my growing collection.

The necks are surprisingly pretty fast and the Bigsby makes you look cool. AND the pickups are oober flexible.

that iphone is sexy! haha happy ngd

wat do all the knobs and switches do? I could never figure out gretsches


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its an ipod touch

ok the deal with the knobs and switches on this one is

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Top Switch = 3 way Pickup switch
2nd switch = 3 way tone switch, up is muddy, middle is neutral, and down is really bitey
Top knob = master volume
2nd knob = neck volume
3rd knob = bridge volume
Weirdass pickups, cool guitar.
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
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Sick bro. Are Gretsches versatile? I've been thinking about getting one since they've been popping up in my price range like zits on a 13 year old's face on my local craigslist
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the solid bodies are, hollows not so much as they are prone to feedback with a lot of distortion ie metal.
that doesnt mean the hollows are terrible guitars they just wont do metal. but everything else they will do awesomely

but the Jets are really great guitars they do a lot of different styles well.
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