Because tech support is useless, I'm asking The Pit.

My Acer Aspire 5920 doesn't turn on. Well, it turns on in a sense that the power light lights up and nothing happens, and the CD drive opens and closes, but nought else. Also, when I push the power button again, it just turns off.

I've tried Fn+F5 and Fn+56, but that doesn't work, either.

Any help that isn't 'buy a new laptop'? I've got a lot of important stuff on there!
It it powers up but doesn't go beyond that it's most likely either a processor or motherboard failure.
You tried plugging into an external monitor?
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do you hear any beeps when booting? if so, look them up using this. if not, try hooking up a regular monitor to your laptop and try the Fn+5 again to see if you get picture. if so, you're graphics card is dead. if it's an onboard chip, you're looking at high repair costs if the warranty is over.

edit: also if it turns off right away when you push the power button it probably means you have some sort of motherboard failure on your hands.
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try shaking your screen a bit and see if you get any flickering or whatever, might be the connector to the mobo, acer screens are flimsy like that

I take it you're not getting any beeps then?
you can also try removing the battery pack, plug it in and then booting it.
So you don't get the POST screen of any at all on the screen?

If so it may be an internal thing.
I'm not sure what the legal rules are where you are in regards to warranties etc, but here i'm pretty certain that warranties aren't the end of it.
Eg, they may offer a 1 year warranty but if it's something that is expected to last many many years and fails with out any other cause than regular wear and tear you can get it repaired. Like if the motherboard has gone, and you haven't dropped it or overclocked it. they don't just stop working like that.
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Percussive maintenace will do the trick.
Get a large, blunt object, and batter the laptop with it until it works.
There's no beeps or anything, and I've tried it with and without the battery. I've had it over the warranty, so I'm on my own now.
You can get the stuff off the hard drive still, look up how to do it through google. You will probably need to buy some cables though.