I am going to purchase a vox satchurator this christmas.
i already have a few other pedals.
and ill look to buy more
this means i dont use the OD channel on my amp, jus on clean with the pedals.
I dont have an amazing power adapter, but it does the job.
do you think ill also need to purchase a noise gate? as i will be playing at high volumes doing gigs etc.
thanks in advance
depends on your gear.
If you have humbuckers and don't use much gain, you probably won't need a noise gate,
but if you play with high gain a lot, perhaps even combined with single coils, then yes you'll probably need one.
Depends, just listen if you have excess noise or not.
ok cool thanks
i use single-coils(strat)
i will be using some gain. but not LOADS?
ill get the distortion pedal first
then see how it sounds
You said in your other thread that you didn't really like that pedal and a looking for suggestions on a new one... maybe wait and see how that turns out before you go about getting a noise gate?!
what does your entire signal chain look like? also, have you played a satchurator before, or are you assuming you'll like it?
ive seen many vids/reviews on it and i played on it yesterday. im stuck between satchurator and a digitech valve Ds. think ima go for the satchurator:P.
well one ive bough the pedal it will be.
Guitar-->Vox v847wah-->Satchurator-->Big Muff-->Behringer dd400-->Boss ch-1-->Amp

but then once again, i am going to be buying more pedals in the near future
sorry, i should've been more specific, what amp? guitar? pickups? everything. is your amp noisy, or do you anticipate needing it for pedal noise and feedback control? or both? does your amp have a loop? do you plan on running anything through it if it does?
Why don't you finish getting your pedals, and then let your EARS tell you if you need a noise gate or not?
lol its ok.
i have usa stratocaster. into marshall 80 watt valvestate.
i might plug delay and chorus into the effects loop?(Yes i have one:P)
my amp can be noisy, but i jus mess round with a few settings and its ok.
i think i might get a cheap-ish noise gate?
Cheapish noise gate is worse than no noise gate at all. Not only will it not have the result you want, it'll screw with your tone too.
If you play high-gain stuff at earthshaking volumes, then yes; you definitely will need a noise gate. A great many metal players are using them because their setups involve so much gain and so much volume that without the gate, their guitars start feeding back as soon as they stop playing.

If, on the other hand, you are not seeking to melt the flesh off of your audience with your rig, then you might not need a noise gate. It certainly isn't a bad pedal to have around, though.
agreed with above, both of them...

also like to point out that his is a ss poweramp. a cheaper noise gate is not going to do the same damage to him that it would to a tube amp... still not the best answer in terms of preformance, but we don't always need a ferrari... sometimes a truck will work just fine.

TS, if you're planning on running a shit ton of pedals before your pre, expect, EXPECT noise. You've got one or two "usual suspects" in your line-up already.
I don't use a noise gate at all.

Its not really needed, but not bad to have
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