Its half decent I suppose.
DEFINATELY replace Vista though.

What are you running right now?
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IMO its much better than what i have and i used to be proud of it 2 years ago.
i think it's a good one, but i dont know much about "turion"
also, what does refurbished mean?

its amds equivelent of intels duo core

if somone returns a broken laptop all the working parts are salvedged and put together to make a cheaper working laptop
Get a Desktop.

Much cheaper, and its better for gaming and such.

UNLESS you travel alot or write books in starbucks.
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I have the model before that and I find it a quick running machine, however do replace Vista. I think it will satisfy your photoshop and gaming needs and the speakers are loud as funk too
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Get a Desktop.

Much cheaper, and its better for gaming and such.

UNLESS you travel alot or write books in starbucks.

im getting it for uni and im studying games design (thats why it needs to run them)

but i want one machine so i can work at uni and at home and tavelling between
pluss the wirless network bypasses somthing so you can play games online (yes the technicians block games even for games design students)
lol i have the same model but a slightly higher version as that. mine is perfect for gaming and can run photoshop fine.

hope that helps!

by the way, you should upgrade tin win7. mine came preinstalled and its much better than vista. if ur in the UK and have a vaild uni student email address, you can get the upgrade for £30
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HP will last you a year before it breaks. My Girlfriend had a HP Laptop and it broke (I.E. Wouldn't boot) after like 9 months. Her mum bought a HP about 6 month ago and it's already had a few days where it wouldn't boot up.

Get a Desktop. Unless you actually NEED a Laptop don't get one, they're not good for Gaming unless you're going to spend £1,200+
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What kind of games do you plan on running, and what settings would you like them at?
If only you could build a laptop like a PC...

V oh shit yeah! I totally forgot about that! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178317&highlight=computer+thread
Thar's your link TS.

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You realize there's a whole thread dedicated to computers, right?

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to the hp bashers, iv had a bunch of hp laptops in my family, none have had problems, if u want a problem laptop, get a dell, pieces of shit blue-screen like no tomorow
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jimmybanks youre a genius

Yeah that looks pretty good spec-wise, and if it does have problems then you sound like the kind of guy who'd have no problem sorting it.

EDIT: That'd DEFINITELY have no problems with UT2004, you'd be able to have that all on high and some of the others pretty high too
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