Hey all, i just recently got a few rack items for a good price.

Gx700 (for the crazy sounds)
electronic G major
gcx audio switcher (ground control comming soon also)

My (noobish) problem is the power cables, cuz i know i need a power conditioner but is there alternate and shorter cables to connect to the power conditioner so there wont be transformers and a lot of wrapped up cables.

Any help at all would be awesome
It depends on the cables that are coming out of the effects units themselves, usually the powercables will be attached, but if they arent you can buy a different length cable at any electronics store. The best (and cheapest) thing to do though is buy a few plastic zip ties and just coil them up and make it look nice and organized. But buy your conditioner first before you start adjusting cables and such....
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Thanks for that one, though i was thinking of the plugs at the end too, if i got a power conditioner like a furman with IEC connections on the back, could the UK 3 pin be changed to the right connection so all would really have to do is get the zip ties and secure the transformers.