Hey im looking for a full sounding fuzz pedal (dont really like fuzz faces as much) to put in my pedal chain. Not really sure what to go for but im quite taken by the pedal in the title .

Anyway, my fuzzy influences and what is making me want a fuzz pedal are QOTSA, Nirvana, early Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Wolfmother - anything with that thick rock sound and im looking to get a fuzz which can achieve some of if not all those types of sound.

I play through a mia Fender strat into a Laney valve amp with a Maxon Od9, EHX nano stone, and Dunlop 535Q wah put in between. My budget is £90 or under. That particular big muff seems good and i havent heard any bad reviews of them as yet, but i want to keep my options open.

Many thanks
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For those influences? It's perfect. I have the pedal and a similar chain to you, same wah, TS9DX overdrive... definitely look it up on youtube. Great buy.
Ya for the bands you mentioned there is no question; Big Muff.
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I own the BMP w/ Tone Wicker. It's great, I recommend it for those bands.
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I'd say a Green Big Muff from Mike.

Ask for a mid switch. Good pedal, well under your budget.

+1 This. The EHX is good, but their newer Muffs lack the character of the vintage ones. This one is better.


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Thanks, i ordered the big muff - it's odd cos you just reminded me of made by mike so i've decided that if i can't get on with the EHX i'll send it back and get his Green Muff
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe