awesome stuff, i think the intro riff gets a little boring since its looped so many times, maybe add an intro solo ?
it can be possible
maybe i add some new thins but that the idea of the song
I liked it Thrash as it should be. But I'd remake the solo, it's just... I dunno...
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I liked it Thrash as it should be. But I'd remake the solo, it's just... I dunno...

I think im going to change that because i dont like it too

thanks for the comments
I liked it aggressive! But like others have said maybe add an intro solo that would probably make it a lot better. I thought it was a great job measure 26 reminded me so much of Megadeth the chromatic thing you did... Overall great song I didn't mind the solo I thought it was good and it fit.

C4C ?
Boring drums. Can hear megadeath influence. Nice solo, but more of fast parts would have made it good. Second solo were ok, but not really good, or my taste. Damn .. 179--- very fast.
prettyyy good
i would say, thrash as it should be
reminds me of slayer, testament, metallica and megadeth too in some parts
intro riff is good but didnt really like the solo
that little thing you do at 26 is awesome
the riff after 26 is good
the chorus ( i guess it is so ) is fine, i really like the bass on that one
solo1 is okay , fits good
i dont know but since you are looping your riffs so much, why not add more variations to drums? esp, riff before 100.
the slow down was very much like hangar 18 from megadeth, if you are aware
the solos later on are good, darn good
again 161 pick up sounds megadeth-ish
is it just me or this song is heavily influenced by megadeth ? not that it matters

overall, a solid 8.5 / 10 i should say
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1229148
Last Changes Hope You Like It

PD: Maybe you found some Megadeth Influences Cause is my favorite band

That was pretty awesome, but the pauses in the intro gets annoying.