c# g# e b f# c#

I am learning Selkies by BTBAM and I am not sure on how to tune my guitar to this.

and if this is the wrong thread please tell me where I can post this because I can never find the right one..


tune your 6th string to C#, 5th to F#, 4th to B 3rd to E , second to G# and your 1st to C#.
Edit*** My bad I revered order.
Double edit, or for simpler terms just tune a whole step down.
Triple edit, the dude below me is right, a step and a half down, cause if it was just a whole step down than you would be in D standard, not Db standard lol
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i believe its just a step and a half down.

and good choice of song.

Yea it is indeed. What type of tuner do you have ts? If you have a chromatic tuner you should be able to just play the open string and tune it to the required note without needing to press any button.