I am trying to trade some items on CraigsList. Someone has offered me a Zoom g2.1u effects pedal. Does anyone have experience with one of these? Any thoughts or commentary on the sound quality/durability/value of these? I have an '80s Fender Strat HH, a Gibson Les Paul and a Carvin x100b.

Some possible advantages of the item: many different distortions and effects and it can be used as a recording interface. I would only be using this for working on music at home (non-professionally) and for practice.
When I first started playing I got one of these. Multi effects pedals are great, and of all the ones I have tried the zoom is one of the best. For practicing it's great, you could just hook up headphones to it and go.

As good as it is, it's still a digital multi effects pedal.

As for value, just look at what it goes for at dealers like guitar center and such. One problem I had with mine is after so long the expression pedal started getting really stiff.
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The distortion on it SUCKS. Chorus/reverb/delay is alright though...but I'll say it again:
I always found these to be very meh. The presets suck and I found it hard to program as well. TBH, with your rig it'd probably be a massive negative effect on your tone.
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Like I keep saying I only used it with a modelling amp so I can't really tell you how it really sounds but its a good wee multi fx although I wouldn't really recommend it for live use. If you want something cheap then go for it but if not...
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