Hey guys,

Wasnt sure where else to post this, I've noticed recently that I am picking up a radio station on my amp. I believe my strings are acting as a recieving antenna and playing a local radio station through my amp! When I turn the volume controls down on my guitar, I can hear it better, but regardless it's always there in the background. I can influance the signal depending on where I point my guitar head - like tuning in the station. it's not really loud enough to interfere with my playing while I am playing, but when my strings are quiet, the radio station is there.

Has this happened to anyone else? And, is there anything I can do about it? Thanks!
maybe you wah pedal or wireless.. this is really common but i just woke up and cant remember
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Has this happened to anyone else?

No, but this whole story is awesome.
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Haha yeah that happens to me too, i've also picked up phone calls (either that or it was call ins to the radio show) It's pretty funny. Other than moving your amp to another location (even just turning it so the speaker is facing a different way) theres nothing much you can do about it was far as i'm aware.
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It sounds like your amplifier isn't properly shielded. It happens. What brand of amplifier are you using?
Good Deal, glad it's not just me. I've got an older Crate G40XL. I might try moving the amp and see what happens. Not a big deal, but it's never happened so I was wondering if I was special or something. Guess not.

Thanks Guys!

Oh yeah - only pedals I have are a chorus and a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic pedal.
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I didnt have such stuff interfering with my playing,
but I heard one guy from my country [Croatia] that the same thing happened to
him, but he didn't hear a local radio station, he heard something like Deutche Welle...
This happens with wah pedals, bad cables, or an unshielded guitar.
I'm going to guess that your guitar is unshielded. It's pretty easy to fix, if you want to fix it.
haha thats actually pretty cool. itd probably freak me right out lol.
playing guitar at midnight and the eerie radio station is audible =P
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if i put my phone up to my strings and hit a button on the phone, the little beep noise gets amplified lol. Guitars and amps... amazing, yet very strange somedays...
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Whenever I receive a text I get a sort of buzzing/beeping noise coming from my amp.
Lol I had a bass amp that was picking up a local fire department's dispatch radio. They were calling somebody they saved a fatass, it was awkward.
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if you use an unshielded cable, it can act like an antenna.

like said, cheaply made amps can too.

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Whenever someone in the room gets a cal on a cell phone my peavey can pick it up so everyone hears.
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when i put my cell phone on top of my amp, it makes a crakling noise.
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My computer's speakers do the same thing at low volumes. It just happens with cheap wiring and cables.
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