Hey guys,
Just wondering about some chords you use often in your songs. We all have that repeat chord we come back to

So, what is it guys?

Mine would have to be A Major.
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It would be between Cm7 and G7
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Also, Charmander.
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Open A at the 5th fret

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Em(add9), upstrummed. Especially on a 12-string.

This haha. Em(add9) sounds better upstrummed than downstrummed.

My favorites are A Major, E Major, B major, just about any sus2 or sus4 chord, and maj7 and maj9 chords too.

(A-Asus4-Dmaj9/F#-E6-Dsus2-A-Dsus2 Repeat Bm11-A-Bm11-A-Asus4) Just a favorite chord progression that's totally irrelevant. Props to anyone who knows what song it's from.
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Inverted chords, Neapolitan chords, diminished, but definitely anything with a nice 9th sound. . . . .
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At the moment I have a mix...

D Chord (X54030) - gorgeous sound
Cadd9 (X32033) - gorgeous with the D
Cmaj7 (X32310) - nice after a normal C.

As you can tell - I love C chords


I write songs.
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D minor.
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Mine used to be A Minor (I dont know why, it just feels so... blue and stoic :P) but now its probably A7 for some strange reason. Or perhaps Em7, pretty much whatever chords I use in the song Im making at the time.
Theres a specific 6/9 voicing I love. The top voice of the chord is the 9th away from the root, so lets say in G major, the top note is A. It would be

Digging a Badd11 at the moment
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I love weird chords that use all the strings.

577600 Aadd9
200200 Bmadd11
133210 Fmaj7
244200 F#m7add11

And sometimes G (320033).

mmm yeahhh
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x 3 2 0 3 3

but it has to be followed by a Dadd11:

x 5 4 0 3 5

^^ pure awesomeness
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Right now I like C9, just because of it's funky sound. Although I really like dominant 7th chords for their bluesy sound.
But my favorite has to a nice minor. Em to be exact, but I like them all. Minor 7ths sound a little too... IDK, open might be the word I'm looking for.
im gonna go with b major...
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Asus2 all day.


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Digging a Badd11 at the moment

That chord is so Badd ass CwutIdidthere

I love this voicing for a minor 7th eg. Amin7. Jazzy chord. Pluck the bass with thumb then use 3 fingers on the D, G and B. I could play it all day

B 5
G 5
D 5
E 5
^voicings like that are some of the most common ones i use;


Am7, Am7(b5), A7, AM7, Adim7

But to answer TS, I dont really have a "favourite" chord, some chords are best suited to certain situations.

In my compositions i always try to do something new and not use the same old progressions and voice leading.