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Cool. Could you check out my gp5 creation? Thanks, and tell me what you think.

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I liked the intro, aside from the gunshots. It didn't really add to the song and it felt a little annoying. The seashore sound afterwards is much more fitting. I like the violin part that came in backing the guitar and it flows into the lead pretty well. Taking a quick glance over the bass I have to say it's obvious no thought went into it. Try to make it more than just straight 8th root notes. Really good use of the strings at 66. It really adds a lot more depth to the overall sound. However, the chord progression is getting a little stale by now. The chorus is all right. It's not standout, but not bad either. I liked the leads during Verse 2. They could use more volume though. I really liked the clean guitar solo. Really simple, but sounds good. The distorted solo is also very good. Ends the song on a really good note.

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I really liked the intro as well. It just felt overused after a while. Then again, it is gp, not a recording. I only had one other complaint really, felt like I waited too long for that chorus, but when it came it resolved everything. Favorite part was the clean solo!

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i have uploaded an edited solo version too, though i am not happy with either solos, any ideas or help ?