I got this from coda music for £745.00. As always the Wizard neck is really smooth and thin.The tremolo is really responsive and the pickups are nice and hot, overall a beutiful guitar.

very nice and very cheap, the cheapest i can get one of those without internets is over £1000.
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I don't usually like Ibanez guitars, but that looks very nice.
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I have never really found a Ibanez i really like the look of, but that guitar is a very good lookin guitar.
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sweet. i think that's a pretty decent price too, considering the current prices I've seen (which are roughly up about 90% on about 18 months ago).
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I believe my friend has the same one, and if it is the one he has, then I must say HNGD! It is such a nice guitar when I played it. I'd totally get one, but the Wizard doesn't fit my hands.

Nice guitar. 550's are always awesome!
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I've been looking to get a new guitar lately (been especially looking at Ibanez) and this guitar just adds to my GAS.
Very nice guitar
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That's a nice looking guitar! I love those Wizard necks. Just sold an RG570 and the one thing I regret is that it had a killer neck.
Check with Ibanez, there may be a rebate from them directly on that guitar. Some of the prestige models have a $100 off direct from ibby currently.

on a real nice ibby.
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cool. anything with rg 550 in the model # is a prety damn good guitar, just depends on what upgrades you want. for catalog pics., ck out (ibanez.com).