Hey guys, I picked up this Indyguitarist Pinnacle II off HC for £65 shipped, amazing bargain for an amazing pedal, shoulda come yesterday but no one was in so I picked it up this morning.

Anyway pics ;D

I apologise for the shitty quality

Nice shot with the Strat

Cookie's interest is piqued

with its new pals :']

But yeah, the Pinnacle II. This is an older one from when Brian was just Indyguitarist and not Wampler. I prefer the older ones to the new smaller ones because they have the boost as a footswitch, not a toggle. Sounds gorgeous, Plexi in a box and nails Eddie's Brown Sound. IMO it's the most versatile out of Wampler's Marshall-style pedals (Pinnacle II, Plexidrive, Plextortion, Super Plextortion), and I can go from a midsy brown Marshall sound to a scooped metal sound (on a Strat!). I can also get pissed AC30 and fuzz tones out of this thing, really flexible. Boost switch is awesome for that extra kick for leads. Looks dead sexy too.

Anyway, discuss.

- Faisal
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awesome. that pedal's meant to be great, never tried it, though.
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HNPD!! I should be getting the Wampler delay soon
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Cheers guys.

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Fais wins at life

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great snag, brian's pedals are awesome
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