Well, I've had a go and I can't make head nor tail of the wires in this guitar. Bought it cheap off eBay last week and it was only picking up signal when pressure was applied downwards on the jack.

I opened her up and in the process slashed another wire and now I get nothing. Here's what I've got:

This Is The Wire I Slashed - it comes from inside the wood

Here's a general picture or two

And a couple of blurry close ups

Oh, you'll see I did put a bit of foil in there to try out a loose connection - Should I join where I've shoved foil?

I figured theres some soldering to do, but where exactly I have no idea. I know I can count on UG to help me out!
the wire you cut is the ground wire from the bridge..

its hard to say what was making the signal cut in and out when you press on the jack, because it's most likely a physical break, or loss of connection.. if it's something as simple as a loose connection, fixing the one connection would be much easier than re-wiring the whole thing.

on another note, what kind of guitar is that? the way the burst is painted, the style the switches are, how the pickups look from the back, and the routing shape look really similar to a guitar I bought and fixed up..
just looks like the strat version of the one I found..

edit: that tin foil connection is probably a little iffy..
if there should be a connection there, soldering a new wire in is definately the best bet
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It certainly does look like a Teisco built guitar.

Yup, you definitely cut the ground wire to the bridge or tailpiece. Not a big deal though...you can easily solder it back to the ground circuit.

I don't think you should connect where you put the tin foil. Each separate switch is for each separate pickup, so the red wires running from the pickups to the switches should not be in the same loop, which would be the case if you connected where the tin foil is.

The next set of contacts on the switch are wired together for simplicity, not because they have to be wired together. Instead of a single line running from the switches to the volume pot, 2 separate wires (one from each switch) could have been run to the volume pot. It actually makes more sense to think of it this way - each pickup is connected to each switch, and each switch is connected to the volume pot.

Check out the diagram in the thread link - scroll down to find it. Other than the killswitch, this diagram might help you. The wires that end in a horizontal line indicate ground.


I actually think there is a problem with the grounding circuit in your guitar, but I will look at it more to see if I can figure it out.

Hope this helps.