Looking to replace both the humbuckers in my Epi Les Paul. I play mostly Weezer and The Black Keys. If you need to know anything else, just ask, and thanks!
Its like pulling teeth with tweezers, sometimes. You have a versatile guitar. We are not mindreaders so we don't have a clue what amp you play through. That's an important part of getting your sound.
I know. What's wrong with the stock pickups?
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dont get new pickups its a waste through those amps. you need a mesa triple rectifier, then once you have that maybe emg 81/85.
I'm guessing sarcasm? Lol

Maybe something like a duncan 59 for the bridge?
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Would the 59 in the neck and humbucker from hell in the bridge be good?
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^I havent heard much about the humbucker from hell, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly used as a neck pickup..
in the bridge, I'd imagine you'll get a reall treble-heavy sound
try it out if you want..it could be good, I just havent heard of that combo before

I've got a 59 in the neck of my jackson, with a JB in the bridge
it's a fairly common combo, and I like it. that extra brightness (and maybe headroom?) of the hb from hell might be more up your alley, though