(There are probably a lot of these threads but none about MEDIA ONE 4A so...)

So the real question is which ones are the best within the price range?
The ones i have checked out are:

Samson Media One 4A
(++They have both headphone jack and line in on the front)
They are the only ones i have listened to and i thought they sounded really good.
A lot better than Some active hi-fi speakers that are suppose to be good and they were a bit more expensive too!

Behringer ms40???

I went to a store today and talked to a guy and he suggested a bit more expensive monitors like everyone lese does...
He suggested ALESIS M1 ACTIVE 520

So which ones? Any better suggestions?
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choose monitors blindly... that is, with your ears. if a $200 set sounds better to you than a $2000 set, they are better, because they'll translate to your mixes not being over compensated. make sense?
The only reference monitors I'd personally recommend on a very low budget price range are the M-Audio Studiophile 40s and the Studiospares SN10s (passive). Both excellent speakers for the price, more than adequate for a home studio.
Thanks for the replies!
I still haven´t made up my mind thought...
The thing is i haven´t started mixing and stuff yet so pro monitors seems really unnecessary at the time. And i want to be able to afford a sound card without spending every penny i have. And i´m saving for a better guitar. It would be better if i just focused on playing guitar and recording.
M-Audio Studiophile 40 sounds interesting but they aren´t actually studio monitors right? They call them regular pc speakers. So i think its between the M-Audio Studiophile 40s and Samson Media One 4As. Not much about them on the internet but i still think they sounded really good (for the price).