Hi Pit.

In tech, we have been making handheld torches, and we have come to designing packaging and such. We have to come up with a name, but I am having difficulty coming up with one. The torch is in a Spaceship sort of shape and is a childs toy sort of thing, which I for some reason thought would be a good idea. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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torch? like a lighter flame? in a childs toy?

thats not the brighest thing iv ever heard

how about: fun-burn,moto: where burning yourself, is the fun.
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jimmybanks youre a genius

To all you Americans out there he means flashlight not torch as in flame torch. I am sorry I can't really help on the naming front but I will have a think.
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how about

spaceship torch


rocket torch

(A2 design student approved)
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Yeah, flashlight, sorry about that.

Rocket Torch is the best I could come up with too. Thanks for suggestions and such.

"I don't have an instrument, I don't have a great voice, I just have some nice clothes maybe." paul rutherford
THE fun-under-the-duvet torch.

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I was going to offer a more sensible alternative but I couldn't think of one. Sorry
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